Turn your visitors into highly qualified contacts!

As part of your EasyGo package, all exhibitors receive an NFC reader to enhance the overall experience for visitors. The wireless reader at your booth digitally transmits your product and company information, which you have uploaded in your My Easyfairs account, to visitors.

Information for exhibitors

As soon as visitors touch your reader with their visitor badge, they collect all the information about your company and products that you have uploaded to your My Easyfairs account. At the end of the day at the show, visitors will receive this information via email as a show summary.

If you use GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium, you will receive the data of visitors who have touched your reader. You can download this in MyEasyfairs.

Only GoVisibility? Your visitors have received your information through your reader. In order for you to get your visitors’ data, you need to upgrade your package to GoPlus.


Make sure your company profile in your My Easyfairs Account(company details, products and contact information) is up to date. Visitors will receive this information digitally when they touch your reader at the booth with their badge.


On the set-up day, you will receive the ready-to-use reader placed on a standardized stand on your stand.

You can position this as you wish.

At the end of the trade fair, the readers will be collected again by our team.

Please ensure that you find the stand with the reader on your stand on the 1st day of the trade fair. If not, please contact the trade fair team immediately, as the stand stand and reader are part of your stand package and must be returned at the end of the fair.

Advantages for you as an exhibitor

Visitors receive your company and product information by e-mail – simply by touching the reader with their visitor badge. Even visitors with whom you have had no personal contact can thus request information about you.

When you make your company and product information available digitally, you need fewer brochures, catalogs, or other printed materials. This saves you production and transport costs. In addition, visitors collect less material at the trade show, reducing the risk of “losing” important documents.

Visitors who touch your reader with their badge receive your information digitally. This allows them to easily share the data with colleagues and friends via email or social networks.

You receive an electronic listing of all visitors who have requested your information. There is no need for time-consuming import of business cards or contact sheets.